If you thought the SMP was limited to just simulating buzz cuts, you're wrong. This technique has been around for several years and is constantly evolving. To such an extent, that today it is already widely accepted in hair treatments for women..

Alopecia is generally associated with men, but the reality is that many women suffer from it. It can arise as a result of hormonal changes or also due to the excessive use of dyes that contain ammonia. Whatever the cause, what happens is that the hair follicle empties, revealing the scalp. When this happens it is usually a terrible event for women, but the problem can be solved with a capillary micropigmentation.

It is important to note that the SMP procedure for women is different from that for men. In this case, hair loss in the majority of the female population occurs in a generalized way and not by areas (with some exceptions). The positive point of this is that the front lines and contours of the face are quite well maintained..

To achieve the desired results, SMP and microblading are applied with the sole purpose of simulating follicles or drawing natural-looking hair respectively.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, if micropigmentation damages healthy scalp areas and the answer is no. On the other hand, if you feel any fear because you think the procedure is painful, then nothing could be further from reality. Although it is a technique derived from tattooing, the procedure that is carried out is not so invasive so there is nothing to worry about.

Now, the micropigmentation of the scalp in women is a complement to treat any of the following cases:

•              Padeces una alopecia de cualquier tipo

• You have very thin hair

Assuming this, the solution that the SMP provides is to give an effect of increasing the density of your hair. At Level SMP by Freddy we know that to achieve a good result it is necessary to analyze each case individually. Therefore, if you want to eliminate those light areas and achieve a volume effect, let us advise you and give you the best recommendation according to your case.

micropigmentación capilar para mujeres


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