In our Home we have already told you what the SMP is and how it can be used, but at a specific point you mention that it can also be applied to scalp scars . The truth is that people can get scars for a variety of different reasons which could be: A scar from surgery, a hair transplant, an accident, among others. What can be done in this scenario, is to use scalp micropigmentation on the scar.

The main objective of this treatment is to give the illusion of a greater density of hair within that scar. If you like, we can compare it to a two-dimensional tattoo. It looks like hair coming out of it, so sometimes we can really effectively camouflage a lot of these scars.

By using SMP well combined with existing hair color, the scar tissue takes up the pigment and achieves an even result. What you have to keep in mind is that anyone who is going to do the SMP must be a very skilled professional muy hábil.

. Additionally, the technical professional must have the skill and knowledge to know that ink is applied differently to scar tissue than to virgin tissue. This is because the scar tissue may need to go a little deeper because superficially it does not cling to the ink. But the risk of going too deep is that the ink will spread, so many times it is good practice to do a small test patch on a scar. In short, test with a few points to see how it looks and evaluate it a couple of weeks later.

At Level SMP by Freddy we have highly trained personnel to obtain the best results and make the area look better and not worse. Certainly this treatment is effective if you are looking to camouflage any scalp scars. For this reason, I invite you to talk with us and to find beneficial results for you.

micropigmentación capilar para cicatrices

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